Rubber Expansion Joints

Joint Types

Rubber Spool

  • Circulating Water & Raw Water Systems
  • Condensate Systems
  • High Pressure Water
  • Cooling Water Systems

Spherical Rubber

  • Sludge Lines
  • Air Service
  • Chillers

Molded Teflon/Teflon Lined

  • Corrosive Fluid Lines

Integral Molded Flanged Wide Arch

  • Plastic, FRP & Glass pipe

Fan/Duct Connectors

Rubber bellows and expansion joints are designed for piping systems to absorb pipe movements, relieve stress, reduce system noise and vibration, compensate for misalignment or offset and to protect rotating mechanical equipment against start-up surge forces.


Chemical-Petrochemical Piping Systems, Industrial Process Facilities, Marine Services, Pollution Control Systems, Power Generating Plants, Pulp & Paper Systems, Steel Mills, Water/Wastewater & Sewage