Bellows Manufacturing

MIPR Corp offers the broadest possible line of bellows material and construction processes available today. Your MIPR Corp engineer has lengthy field experience and is in an excellent position to give you application expertise for your application.

When a protective cover design is needed, MIPR Corp analyzes the requirement, suggests the method of manufacture and the materials best suited to giving you the greatest life. All design criteria are considered to meet the objectives at hand and includes the necessary mounting materials.  The resulting finished product will be ready to protect your valuable investment and keep it running cleanly and efficiently.

We will examine any application that requires protective covers, regardless of its final use. Types of protective covers include what is called sewn together bellows.  This standard construction is the oldest and still the most widely subscribed to mechanical process in the production of protective covers.  With this most flexible process, a great variety of materials can be shaped into infinite sizes and profiles to almost any configuration.  It also allows for the greatest short and long accordion ratios.  It also easily permits the use of grommets, internal guides, stiffeners and back up plates.  Because this stamped out form of sewn together parts is less expensive, it can make molds unnecessary and for this economic reason, it becomes a very large part of preventative maintenance.

Sewn bellows can be sewn together with nylon or Kevlar for extremely abrasive applications. Further applications where protective covers need not be liquid or air tight, sewn construction is the lowest cost for countless applications.

Folded and heat vulcanized bellow are also competitively priced. There are no mold cost involved.  Where very rigid or very large dirt excluding protective covers or connectors are required, folding is the only practical method of construction.  There are a number of advantages including longer life and a 100% complete seal.  Also, this style of construction exhibits higher pressure and vacuum ratings.  They are able to be fitted with mechanical attachments such as back up bars.

Folded covers are produced from single polyester reinforced uncured rubber diaphragm sheets with various stiffeners being added at manufacture, on the inside. These stiffeners are vulcanized in place forever, like making a tire.  This makes them well suited for electro chemical machines, airduct and high cycle flexible connectors.  They are also weather tight to connect building and electrical cables trays ports

High temperature flexible bellows, connectors and joints are manufactured from Buna N, Nitrile, Butyl, Viton and Silicone Glass fabrics for temperatures from 450°F down to minus 100°F and through 36” inside diameter.

Rod boots or bellows, protect cylinder rods from scoring, chips, sand particles and impinging objects. Sewn style dirt protecting bellows are made without tooling charges or minimum order quantities.

Way covers and way protectors are manufactured in three basic types. Standard sewn, hot vulcanized and stainless steel covered convolutions.  All but the stainless steel are able to have stiffeners added.

Linear rail covers are made to standard sizes for all makes of linear rails, light medium and heavy-duty applications. They are available with internal stiffeners.  Custom sizes are manufactures as well.

Milling machine way guards have become a necessity for protection from damaging chips and abrasive particles falling onto your ways. This assures maintaining accuracy while maintain the life of the milling machine.  Hypalon is used as the very best for way cover life abrasion resistance and proven two to one anti flexural fatiguing over other heat and coolant elastomers

Shade style roller covers find successful use in steel rollups and diaphragm type coated fabrics. Shade roller covers protect against damage from chips, oils, paints, coolants and abrasive compounds.