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There are millions of miles of conveyor belt running through manufacturing, mining, shipping, food processing and transportation. This invisible highway drives our economy and no conveyor belt company knows it better than MIPR Corp. Our field-savvy engineering professionals accelerate production and maximize profits for the world’s best companies every single day.

MIPR Corp specializes in high performance rubber bellows & metal bellows, conveyor belts, roll covers, gaskets, seals, expansion joints, skirts, aprons, covers, protectors and more, and our nationwide network of manufacturing and distribution centers fulfils even completely custom orders fast.

MIPR Corp team takes on any conveyor belt system challenge with confidence—our 34 years of hands-on experience and proven expertise set us apart from other conveyor manufacturing companies. With one call, our clients receive innovative, affordable and workable plans the next day (or the same day)—and get right back to work.

Bring MIPR Corp your conveyor belt questions and industrial supply problems. We have the answers, cost-effective solutions, premium products and superior service you need, right now.