Seven Innovative Conveyer Belt Solutions

MIPR believes that your conveyor belt system should be just as unique as your company.

The Problem

You have a different product, team, and process that you are committed to.
You don’t want to settle for a boilerplate solution that compromises your

The Solution

That’s why even though MIPR stocks hundreds of flat belts, we are always happy to create a custom belting solution just for you. We’ve had many clients come to us with specific challenges and walk away with a successful, innovative result. Here are some examples.

One of our clients in the automotive industry had an existing belt from another supplier running at an angle. The expensive custom auto parts were traveling down the incline and sliding, bumping into each other and bringing their process to a halt. Even worse, with a big order on hold, they only had one day to fix it. Our engineers quickly diagnosed the problem and, within 24 hours, designed and delivered a rough top, snakeskin belt that was easily installed into their existing frame. Watch how the high coefficient of friction keeps the auto parts in place as they travel down the conveyor.

For our client in the lumber industry, the problem was anything but delicate. In using a thin three-ply belt to convey whole trees, this sawmill was experiencing rapid wear. The worn belts were catching and bringing production to a standstill. When MIPR found out that the client’s output had increased from 3,000 to 7,000 logs a day, we weren’t surprised this problem had occurred. But they needed a solution that was cost-efficient and fast. We installed a heavy-duty belt with twice the thickness of their previous belt. This brought their belt’s lifetime from 6 months to two years—what a difference. We are always excited to hear about our clients’ businesses growing and are prepared to implement solutions that keep their progress on track.

There is nothing worse than when the product you worked hard to develop and produce is damaged in its journey through the conveyor system. Our next client is a coffee-product manufacturer that everyone
is familiar with and that you’ve probably seen in your office or home. Retailers across the country were relying on their vast operations to run efficiently. Still, the problem was that their products were punctured by the sharp edges of the cleats that carried them through the conveyor. When MIPR got involved, we evaluated the steep incline and rounded the cleats’ edges to protect their fragile product
specifically. Since then, they have had no problems with product damage and continue to order belts from MIPR.

The Secret Sauce

At MIPR, we treat each client with care and individual attention. Your success
is our success too. That’s why our belting solutions are so varied and innovative.

The Team

Our team wants to dedicate their 30 years of experience to solve your challenges—you deserve a unique solution. If you can’t seem to find a conveyor belt on the market that fits your specific needs, or if you have a problem with your current belt, call us at 1-800-540-1846.