8 Types of Package Handling Conveyor Belts

Eighty-seven billion parcels shipped worldwide in 2018. With e-commerce booming more now than ever before, the packaging and shipping industries are in a massive growth period.

The Problem

To keep up with demands, your package handling business will need a variety of conveyor belts.

The Solution

  • MIPR has the knowledge and experience to suggest a combination of belt solutions that will allow your business to meet demands.Often, businesses in this industry need more than one type of conveyor to complete their operation. Let’s discuss some examples that might apply to package handling.
  • Cleated belts range in size and shape, not only carrying your packages up or down an incline but also separating them as needed throughout the conveyor.
  • Just as cleated belts make sure packages won’t budge as they move down the line, there may be instances where you need a highly slippery surface that allows them to slide. Choosing a flat belt with a low coefficient of friction could be critical in making sure your parcels don’t get stuck.
  • Accumulation conveyors can remove the drive at will in specific segments, allowing packages to stop or collect at merges, palletizers, or sortation.

The Secret to Package Handling

Automation is at the forefront of the growing logistics and warehousing industry, with machinery playing a pivotal role in achieving tight delivery deadlines. The equipment moving these packages is a critical investment. MIPR is here to ensure you get suitable conveyor belts to avoid crucial delays and create an ultra-efficient system.

Our team of trusted engineers would be happy to send you samples of the many different products applicable in package handling. Call us at 1-800-540-1846 to find the right combination of conveyor belts to complete your operation.