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Conveyor Belt Spotlight: Cleated Belts

Almost every industry needs to move product up or down in its journey from you to the customer. What’s important is that your product stays in place and isn’t damaged as it travels down your conveyor. The Problem Cleated and chevron belts allow you to convey products both large and small at an incline, but… [more]

Nine Recycle and Waste Handling Conveyor Belts

From empty egg cartons, to thick glass bottles to wispy plastic bags, the recycling and waste management industries see it all come through their doors. The Problem with Recycling & Waste Handling Conveyor Belts Unlike in other industries, there isn’t just one product moving through the conveyor systems when it comes to recycling and waste…. [more]

8 Types of Package Handling Conveyor Belts

Eighty-seven billion parcels shipped worldwide in 2018. With e-commerce booming more now than ever before, the packaging and shipping industries are in a massive growth period. The Problem To keep up with demands, your package handling business will need a variety of conveyor belts. The Solution MIPR has the knowledge and experience to suggest a… [more]

Sanitary Conveyor Belts for Food Handling

Did you know you can cook pancakes on a conveyer belt? From beautifully browned pancakes to fresh-frozen veggies or meat packing, conveyor belts have countless food industry applications. But with food comes many restrictions and considerations. We know that quality, hygiene, and durability are of the utmost importance for our clients in the food industry…. [more]

Conveyor Belts For Temperature Handling

Even within one operation, products may move from extremely high to extremely low temperatures. Technology in the conveyor belt industry has come a long way in meeting these varied applications’ needs. If your operation involves extreme high or low temperatures, you know the belting compounds that offer resistance to these conditions are expensive technology. That’s… [more]

Conveyor Belts for Extreme Conditions

Whether your company surface mines or digs down deep, we know you need conveyor belting that works as hard as your crew. Suppose you’re in an industry with extreme conditions. In that case, you can’t just get an ordinary belt—you need something heavy-duty, capable of handling various materials, and withstanding substantial wear and tear. Let’s… [more]

How To Track a Conveyor Belt

If you rely on conveyor belts to keep your business moving, you want that belting to last as long as possible. We at MIPR want you to have the proper knowledge and tools to maintain and repair your belting systems and maximize your investment value. One of the most significant ways to ensure your belt’s… [more]

Choosing the Right Conveyor Belt

You need a conveyor belt that is cost-effective, long-lasting, innovative, and of course, that gets the job done. The question is, what kind of belt can accomplish all these things for your particular application? To answer this, we first turn the questions to you. Choosing the right belt for your conveyor system can be determined by… [more]

5 Simple Steps to Keep Your Conveyor Belt Running Smoothly

5 Simple Steps to Keep Your Conveyor Belt Running Smoothly - Blog Cover Photo

Is your conveyor belt slipping? Do you see uneven wear and tear or parts failures on your conveyor system? Are frequent (and inconvenient) work slowdowns and stoppages costing you time and money, or putting your employee safety at risk? At MIPR Corp., many of our customers first come to us for belt service or replacement…. [more]

Handling Temperatures with Plastic Modular Belting

With all the current upheaval and uncertainty in food production and processing, efficiency and safety are top of mind and plastic modular conveyor belts are getting a fresh look from bakeries, meat packers, frozen food distributors, and more. Plastic modular belting has all the advantages of a synthetic belt along with its own unique superpower:… [more]