Used Belts

Used Conveyor Belts

If you want the strength and functionality of new belting at a 50% to 85% discount, talk to your MIPR Corp conveyor belt engineer about MIPR Corp-certified used conveyor systems.

For many applications like covers, protections, water barriers, and livestock handling, used conveyor belting can be a smart bet. With our experienced evaluation and guidance, our customers routinely get years of good use from previously used conveyor belt components at a great price.

Good used belts are graded by wear, and used conveyor belt rubber can be rated as

  • Cover good both sides
  • Cover good one side
  • Fabric showing both sides

MIPR Corp experts know the grade you need to get the results you want. We can price and procure high quality used conveyor belting, deliver it and integrate it into your conveyor belt system design. To see if used conveyor belting can work for you, call MIPR Corp today.

Used conveyor belting is some of the strongest material available and It is also very abrasion resistant. It is black S.B.R., styrene butadiene rubber, the same rubber used in automotive tires. It is very ultra violet resistant, (U.V.) because it has a high carbon black component which makes it very opaque to the sun.  Carbon black also vastly increases the abrasion resistance.

Good used belt is used for any conveying situation especially suited to concrete containing rebar crushing and recycling because it is harder than new rubber. It lasts better than new conveyor belting in car crushing and sharp steel recycling because it is not as easily sliced.

Good used belting finds thousands of other uses than rock crushing and aggregate conveying. It is used to protect ships decks from steel tracked bull dozers and excavators being loaded on and off for import/export overseas operation.  It is often put down over roadways to protect road surfaces and inside of buildings to protect concrete floors from tracked equipment and snowmobiles.  Oil exploration and drilling will use belting to preserve barge and decks from heavy equipment and as chafe and damping cushions underneath drilling pipe rods and bits.  Water well drilling and fracking rigs isolate steel with used belting.

Tug boats push ships with the aid of energy absorbing cut conveyor belt layered mats surrounding the perimeter of the bow stern and gun whales. Explosive matting is utilized to contain charges put at support columns to demolish old buildings.  Demolition rubber stops flying debris.  Tractor trailer trucks use conveyor belting to form aerodynamic wind shields to become much more fuel efficient.

Used conveyor belt is used to stop erosion on sloped road and mountain roads to steer water off road surfaces and in to ditches to preserve roads from runoff. These water bars are buried and can be driven over then springing back to their original shape.  Rubber belting is used for fencing to keep animals on one side, fencing customers are big.

Livestock can be kept on one side of seasonal water courses by hanging belt down from cables to touch the ground. The water runs underneath the created valve action but the cattle do not, keeping them on the correct property. Used conveyor belt can be formed into a troughs to feed herds of animals keeping their foods off the ground, not mixing with dirt, and dry.  In the barn, used conveyor belting is used for pigs, beef and horses to protect feet from hardness and cold.

Good used belt is a necessary part for automotive racing tracks around the world. Stacks of tires are stacked five feet high and wrapped around with heavy duty belting and bolted in place.  It is the most energy absorbing reusable combination known to mankind. Belting saves lives and makes accidents much less damaging.  The belts also disallow ricochet, stopping race cars in their tracks.

Other uses include bridge, road and airport protection. Wear pads and precision cut strips and in the fishing industry scallop drags. 

In the steel industry, used conveyor belt maybe rolled directly on to the soil out of doors or laid down indoors for cooling and steel roll edge protection.

MIPR Corp has sold used belting for the last 20 years. Used conveyor belting can be sold for conveyors or can be used in countless other uses.  It is also a green recycled product.  MIPR Corp can cut used conveyor belt into any size or shape.  We ship this recycled, strong product all over the USA.  From racetrack barrier to flexible fencing, customers have been extremely happy with its performance.

Used conveyor belting comes in all thickness from 3/16” to 1 ½” thick and it comes in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 ply. Some of this used conveyor belting gets installed on a conveyor system and never gets used.  When taken off the conveyor system, this new belting can be bought for half the price!

Used conveyor belt uses:

Livestock matting

Cattle / Horse / Pig stall matting

Dog kennel matting

Race track barrier

Steel track machinery road crossing matting

Water bar / road erosion control

Bridge protection

Fatigue mats

Wear strips

Scallop dredge mats

Tug boat / Oil Rig / Cargo ship deck protection

Tractor trailer equipment protection

Playground, bridges, climbing walls

Rubber die cut parts