Used Belts

Used Conveyor Belts

If you want the strength and functionality of new belting at a 50% to 85% discount, talk to your MIPR Corp conveyor belt engineer about MIPR-certified used conveyor systems.

For many applications like covers, protections, water barriers, and livestock handling, used conveyor belting can be a smart bet. With our experienced evaluation and guidance, our customers routinely get years of good use from previously used conveyor belt components at a great price.

Good used belts are graded by wear, and used conveyor belt rubber can be rated as

  • Cover good both sides
  • Cover good one side
  • Fabric showing both sides

MIPR experts know the grade you need to get the results you want. We can price and procure high quality used conveyor belting, deliver it and integrate it into your conveyor belt system design. To see if used conveyor belting can work for you, call MIPR Corp today.