Heavy Industrial Belts


MIPR CORP Belt Types


High tensile SBR/Natural rubber blends for abrasion and cut resistance.  Standard meets all criteria for RMA grade II.  This is the most widely used compound providing long life at an economical cost.  Sand, gravel, limestone, coal and ore are readily conveyed with standard covers.

Grade I

A premium cut & gouge resistant compound designed for the most sever service.  Excellent for glass cullet, trap rock, sharp metals and granite.


Medium oil resistant for wood chips and whole grains.  Resistant to light traces of oils and terpenes.  Used extensively in the lumber industry.

Flame Retardant / SBR

May be used above ground where fire retardant characteristics are required.  Very popular at power plants.

Flame Retardant / Oil Reistant

Excellent for flame retardant applications requiring oil resistance.  Recommended for most grain applications.  This compound resists deteriorating effects of dust suppression sprays.

Super Oil Resistant

Specially compounded for sever oil applications when animal fats or petroleum oils are present.  Excellent resistance to the deteriorating effects of kerosene, diesel oil and most heavy oils.

Hot Asphalt

When oil and heat are present, this compound offers excellent resistance to swelling and cracking.  Do not use for dry heat.  Oil must be present.

High Heat Resistance

EPDM covers withstand product temperatures for lumpy material to 400° F (204° C) and continuous baking loads to 350° F (177° C).  EPDM cover compounds protect the carcass from heat deterioration.  Covers stay flexible when the belt is used within the allowable temperature range.

MIPR Corp will solve your heavy duty conveyor belting challenges from asphalt milling to heavy ore applications including cleated belting for steep inclines, belts impact resistant, low stretch, and rip resistant.

MIPR Corp carries a wide variety of thermoplastic belts for the various material-handling needs of the mining, construction, and recycling industries. You will find MIPR Corp experts extremely knowledgeable with more than 30 years of experience in conveyor belting applications.

Contact MIPR Corp today to discuss your application needs for heavy conveyor belting.  We carry a full line of conveyor belts and belting.


Beltwall Fracwall Major Features:

  • Heavy duty, abrasion resistant rubber base belts available in cross-rigid and non-cross rigid multi-ply construction.  The lateral rigidity of the cross rigid belts allows for the ability to negotiate upturn and downturn transition bends on the conveyor.
  • The corrugated sidewalls are constructed of fiber-loaded compounds (exclusive to Beltwall) to mitigate the propagation of cuts and tears. The sidewalls are available in a variety of heights and are attached to the base belt via cold or hot bond.
  • Cleats and profiles are hot vulcanized onto the base belt to ensure the highest adhesion levels possible.
  • With over 300 belt specifications stocked, a wide variety of base belts are available.  The most common are heavy duty 2-ply 220 PIW 3/16″ x 1/16″ and cross-rigid 4-ply 220 PIW 3/16″ x 1/16″.
  • A variety of end preparations are available to facilitate easy installation at the jobsite.

Single-Ply Straight-Warp Heavy Duty Belting

MIPR Corp’s premium Single-Ply Straight-Warp heavy duty belts are designed specifically for the toughest conveying applications where low-stretch, impact-resistant, high-strength belts with excellent load support are required.

Quarries Impact Resistant Large Stone
Log Handling Rip Resistant Heavy Ore
Cement Industry Low Stretch Bucket Elevators
Recycling Superior Lace Retention Copper Ore
Auto Shredding High Cover Adhesion Feeders Under Rock Crushers
Heavy Metal Scrap Cut, Gouge and Tear Resistant Primary Crushers
Mining Excellent Load Support Magnetic Separators
Construction Industry Outstanding Troughability

MIPR Corp Single-Ply Straight-Warp belts reinforced carcass construction resists longitudinal tears and gouging caused by heavy impacts. They also provide exceptional durability because of its tough synthetic carcass and heavy duty Grade-1 covers.  The belt also has excellent bolt-holding capabilities for buckets and mechanical fasteners in abusive applications.  The belt carcass is made length-wise with a polyester straight warp (yellow), intersected cross-wise by nylon fill weft (blue), that are bound together with a synthetic warp fibers (red, purple and green).

Single-Ply Straight-Warp Specs

Cover gauge 1/4″ x 1/8″
Overall gauge 33/64″
Working tension rating 440 PIW
Cover grade RMA1
Carcass construction Poly / Nylon
Carcass fabric SW-800
Cover tensile strength Min. 2600 psi
Cover elongation Min. 450%
Cover hardness 62+3 (Shore A)
Minimum head pulley diameter 20″
Temperature range -40°F to +140°F
Weight 27 lbs per inch width
Recommended fastener R5

MIPR Corp’s HEAVY DUTY belts are designed and compounded to provide a longer service life for most bulk handling applications.  Over fifty separate types of heavy duty black rubber belt specifications are stocked for cut flat belt for custom fabricated orders.

MIPR Corp offers a variety of cover thicknesses for the following black heavy-duty belts:

  • 2 Ply Standard Black Heavy Duty. “Standard” is compounded to provide excellent abrasion resistance and flex life.  These belts are the best buy for the majority of heavy duty applications.
  • 3 Ply Standard Black Heavy Duty. Three plies offer extra strength and impact resistance.
  • 4 Ply Standard Black Heavy Duty.  These belts are often used on high tension conveyors with long centers.
  • 2 and 3 Ply Moderate Oil Resistance.  The seven belts of this type combine excellent abrasion resistance and long flex life with moderate oil resisting properties.
  • 2 Ply Flame Retardant.  Designed for above ground applications where fire retardant belting is required.
  • 2 and 3 Ply Flame Retardant Oil Resistant-Static Conductive.  Specially compounded for the oily effects of grain, these belts are also static conductive.
  • Super Oil Resistant – “Hot Asphalt.”  Two and three ply belts specially compounded for applications requiring moderate to very high oil resistance.
  • High Heat Resistant – 400°F.  These are premium two-three and four ply belts that are compounded to withstand temperatures to 400°F with lumpy materials.
  • 3 Ply and 4 Ply Cover x Bare.  Designed for medium to heavy duty service in slide bed applications.
  • Skirtboard Rubber/Chute Lining.  1/4″ to 1″ black rubber belting used at the point of loading for guiding product onto the center of a system and for protecting conveyor parts.


Large Stone, Heavy Ore, Auto Shredding, Heavy Scrap Metal, Mining, Construction, Recycling, Quarries, Log Handling, Magnetic Separators, Bucket Elevators, Fracking, Coal Transport, Street Sweeper, Asphalt Milling


White, Green, Tan, Black

Cover Compounds

SBR, RMA Grade 1 Rubber, RMA Grade 2 Rubber

Cover Styles

Smooth, Matte Finish, Longitudinally Grooved, Inverted Pyramid, Roughtop, Crescent Top, Chevron Top


Cotton, Cotton/Polyester, Spun Polyester, Polyester Monofilament, Polyester