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MIPR Corp Belt Types

White Food Belting

Click to view a PDF of white conveyor belts for food processing applications:

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Metal Mesh

Click for high or low temperature baking, cooking, cooling, freezing, or other food preparation.

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Plastic Modular

Click for food preparation applications requiring strength with drainage, grease or oil resistance, or non-stick cut and gouge resistant FDA/USDA belts.

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Teflon®/Glass Belting

Our PTFE-coated Fluorofab® fabric is used to fabricate conveyor belts of up to 197″ in any length. More than 70 different weights and widths of Fluorofab® belting are available and serve many uses – typically where a superior non-stick surface is essential and when the operating temperature range is from -100°F to +550°F. The non-toxic, tasteless and odorless qualities of the PTFE coating make it appropriate for use in food handling operations, as well as, other applications such as:

  • Conveyorized screen print dryers
  • Tortilla presses
  • Rubber profile extrusion
  • Garment fusing and laminating presses

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Apple/Potato Harvesting

Farmers use these belts when harvesting apples or potatoes. The cleat design prevents bruising or damaging of the product during harvesting. The cleats can be applied on varied spacing and center distances and are thermo-welded to the belt.

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Asparagus Processing

Asparagus processors use these cleats for lining up the product for cutting and packaging. The cleats are soft and hollow, which prevents any bruising or damaging of the asparagus during processing. The cleats can be applied on varied spacing and center distances and are thermo welded to the belt surface.

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Carrot Cutter

Carrot processors who package cut carrots for supermarkets use this belt. We have utilized our Belt type 32-06 which has a 3mm 90 Durometer PVC top cover which gives longer belt life where the knives cut into the cover during the cutting operation. The cleats are fabric re-inforced to prevent pre-mature wearing of the cleats. This belt has increased production in some plants up to 40%.

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Celery Dicing

This belt is used by food processors for cutting celery sticks into smaller sections. The belt is a 3-ply white PVC with 1/2″ thick PVC installed on the top cover to create cutting lanes for the circular knives. Additionally, 1-1/2″ cleats hold the celery sticks in place during the cutting operation.

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Flower Stemming

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Grape Harvester

This belt is used for grape harvesting in vineyards larger than 100 acres that require mechanical harvesting. The belt is available for replacement belting on OEM harvesting equipment imported from overseas, on harvesters supplied by the OEM, ERO who we supply in Europe, as well as the harvesters from OEM’s in France.

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Onion Bagger

Pillow cleats are used for conveying delicate food products to prevent bruising during packaging. These belts can be used for onions, apples, pears, potato or any other delicate food product.

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Meat & Poultry Shredder

These belts are used in Auto-Shredder Machines, such as those made by Carruther’s Equipment. They are made with a blue PVC sawtooth belt with inverted diamond bottom cover. The belts edges are capped to prevent contamination and fraying.

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MIPR Corp will solve your food-grade conveyor belting challenges across baking and food processing applications including special profiles for dough handling, belts that are grease and oil resistant, and non-stick cut-and-gouge resistant FDA/USDA belts.

MIPR Corp carries a wide variety of thermoplastic and FABSYN belts for the various material-handling needs of the food processing industries, including full line of USDA certified belting products. You will find our staff extremely knowledgeable with more than 30 years of experience in conveyor belting applications.

Contact MIPR Corp today to discuss your needs for food-grade and FDA/USDA conveyor belting for your application. We carry a full-line of conveyor belts and belting.


Food Grade FABSYN Cleated Belts – MIPR Corp’s FABSYN FDA approved food belts are conveniently stocked in five standard specifications.  Two working tensions are available.  (1) FABSYN 100, integrally molded 1 1/2″ or 2 1/2″ molded cleats.  3/8″ thick, on 6″ or 12″ centers: and (2) FABSYN 150, with either 1 1/2″ or 2 1/2″ molded cleats. 3/8″ thick, on 6″ or 12″ centers.  The 150 also is offered with a 3″ cleat, 1/2″ thick, on 12″ centers.  Cover, cleats and belt are molded in one operation.  48″ wide and cut to desired widths.  Fabsyn cleated belts are manufactured with synthetic fabric and oil-resistant covers.  Temperature range is 0° to 220° F.

Food Grade FABSYN Profile Belts – MIPR Corp’s FABSYN profile belts are molded and cured in one operation.  Four patterns are available for immediate shipment.  These include: (1) the CORRUGATED pattern, rounded ribs 1/16″ high, on 1/4″ spacing, center to center; (2) the ASENDOR pattern, ribs 1/8″ high on 1″ spacing, designed for incline conveying of small and medium sized food products: (3) the TOP FLIGHT pattern, lateral cleats 3/16″ high on 6″ centers, and longitudinal cleats 3/16″ high on 4″ centers; raised buttons at the corners of the pattern allow for drainage of wet product; and (4) the CROSSTOP pattern, cleats 3/8″ x 3/8″ taper down to 1/4″; and open 8″ x 8″ pattern allows water drainage and ease of cleaning.  All four patterns have a working strength PIW of 100 lbs. 

Food Grade FABYSYN Custom Belts – MIPR Corp’s cleat thicknesses of 3/8″ (SD), 1/2″ (MD), 5/8″ (HD), or more, are available on FABSYN 100 or 150 belts in any height from 1/4″ to 3″ (straight or scoop).  Cleat centerline available are 4″, 4 3/4″, 6″, 8″, 9″, 12″, 16″, 18″, 24″ and larger.  Customer scoop cleats are fabricated with a typical forward pitch of 30°, with heights of 2″ to 2 7/8″.  V-Guides in A, B, C or D sections are available.  Straight or sloped vanner edges are applied in heights of 1/2″ to 1 1/2″.  Belts can be made with prepared ends for field splicing or manufactured endless.  Custom cleats are applied to 2-ply FABSYN 100 3/64″ x FS, or 3-ply FABSYN 150 3/64″ x FS.  If other fabrics, compounds or splicing methods are required, call 1-800-540-1846.


Selecting the correct lacing option for your belt is critical.  MIPR Corp offers a variety of lacing styles and materials to meet the needs of every application.


Recessed Lace: Mechanical splice area is recessed below the belt surface.

Overflap: Mechanical lacing is installed below the belt surface and the top cover is separated from the belt carcass creating a flap over.  The cover can be glued down after installation.

Hidden Lace: Mechanical fasteners are installed below the belt cover to prevent the lace from contacting the product.

Finger Hinge Lace: Finger hinge lace is equipped with flexible, hinged plastic lacing, creating an easy, quick repair alternative to endless belts.  FHL requires the belt be made of PVC or polyurethane, have a thickness of .08″ to .263″, have a minimum belt length of 55″, and a maximum belt width of 40″.

Thermoplastic Hinge: Thermoplastic hinge lace is made with the same homogenous material as your belt.  This lace is welded to the belt and connect with a metal or nylon pin.  Nylon pins should be used when metal detectors are required. (This option is available for Volta products only.)


Endless splicing methods eliminate the need for hardware fasteners.  This fabrication technique is excellent for food processing and applications where products need to be handled with greater care.

Step Splice Belt: For belts with multiple plies.  Plies are separated and “stepped” to interlock with one another at the splice point.  Performed by experts in our fabrication facilities for quality assurance and appropriate curing time.

Skived Splice: A precision grinding technique is used to achieve uniform thickness at the splice point for a variety of applications.

Finger Splice: For thermoplastic, urethane and PVC belts.  A very durable splice that maintains a smooth belt surface throughout the splice area.  Multiple finger patterns are available to meet a variety of applications and system pulley sizes.

Endless-Prepared: We square and prepare the belt’s ends in our fabrication facilities for hot or cold cement bonding at the customer’s site. (Cement bonding kits with instructions are available.)

Double Finger Splice: Unlike a standard finger splice, fingers are cut from multiple plies, staggered, then fused together by heat and pressure to create a stronger, more flexible splice.

Stitched Reinforcement: Certain applications put unusual wear on splices and edges.  These areas can be strengthened with stitching.

Longitudinal Splicing: Very wide belts are created by longitudinally splicing two or more belts of narrower dimension.  Plies are expertly stepped and bonded in our fabrication facilities to create a uniformly smooth belt as wide as the application requires.  Ultra-wide belts can be made endless prior to shipping… or have ends prepared for field splicing. V-guides and other profiles can also be added.


Fruits, Vegetables, Meats, Poultry, Fish, Beverages, Grains, Nuts, Candles, Breads, Pastries, Cereals, Pharmaceuticals


White, Blue, Green, Tan, Black

Cover Compounds

Nitrile Oil Proof, Polyurethane, PVC, Teflon, Silicone, Low / High Temperature, Butyl, RMV (Rubber Modified Vinyl)

Cover Styles

Smooth, Matte Finish, Longitudinally Grooved, Pebbletop, Inverted Pyramid, Roughtop, Crescent Top, Chevron Top


Cotton, Cotton/Polyester, Spun Polyester, Polyester Monofilament, Polyester