Increasing Productivity in Your Bakery with High Temp Conveyor Belts

Increasing Bakery Productivity with High Temperature Conveyor BeltsBakery Conveyor Belts Get The Job Done

Did you know that one of the biggest challenges for bakeries today is maximizing their productivity? It’s a challenge all over the food processing industry but a small-scale, franchise or medium-sized bakery operations can struggle more than others. At these operational sizes, automation may not make financial sense, but bottlenecks can form around important tasks like kneading, oven-loading, or packing.

For your profit margins to reach their fullest potential, you need to keep your baked goods moving—and nothing does that better than high quality, food-grade conveyor belting.

Overall equipment effectiveness can be measured in many ways: quantity over time, reliability, energy consumption, personnel requirements, ease of use, and upfront and maintenance costs. Your bakery conveyor belting needs to stand up to extreme temperatures—from hot ovens to refrigeration and even freezing—while reducing ingredient spillage and waste. Your bakery belts should preserve freshness and flavors during the production and packing process and resist sticking, avoid cross-contamination (gluten, allergens, and more). And always, your bakery’s conveyor belting must keep your employees and customers safe while keeping your production line running smoothly.

MIPR can help. For over 40 years, bakeries across the country have counted on MIPR for smart conveyor belting solutions that power increased productivity, prioritize food safety, and increase profits. Our engineering experts have many years of direct experience sourcing and designing food-grade, FDA- and EU10/2011 approved conveyor belting for boutique and large-scale bakeries across the country and our national distribution network lets us deliver the belt you need right when you need it.

Bagels. Biscuits. Bread. Cake. Cookies. Crackers. Our bakery team understands the humidity, oil level, and consistency of all these different doughs and can design the best possible conveyor belting for each one. We can help you smooth out the bottlenecks in your line with strategic solutions like longer belting for cooling applications or cleated belting for inclines. And, best of all, we always same-day ship physical samples of the belts we suggest so you can see it for yourself before you place your order.

MIPR food grade conveyor belting can:

  • outlast other belting brands
  • reduce energy consumption
  • minimize and sterilize splices
  • accommodate any conveyor system design
  • increase capacity without compromising quality
  • operate across temperature extremes (baking to cooling)
  • eliminate cross-contamination (including antimicrobial and antibiofilms surfaces)
  • reduce sticking, spillage, and waste
  • stand up to high-abrasion products and cutting
  • lower maintenance costs and making cleaning easy

We field calls from across the country to repair, customize, ship, or install custom conveyor belts for bakery applications. Most bakeries need a variety of belting styles to best accommodate different processes like proofing, baking, cooling, and packing. Pick your favorites from our MIPR industry guides below and we will send you a physical sample today!

MIPR Corp engineers can also customize each conveyor belt to match flexibility requirements, gripping/releasing/feed rate needs, and ingredient/environment. Ask us about belting for dough loaders/feeders, cross-sheeters, dough dividers and molders, rounders, proofers, panning systems, cooling spirals, bread slicers, packaging machines, and pan stackers. We know the belt material, cover, roller cover, and configuration you need for every stage of bakery production. (Check out our case studies and Google posts to see how our engineers create smart conveyor belt solutions for real customers in real-time.)

MIPR Corp conveyor belt experts are always on hand to help you solve production problems. Have you been putting off a conveyor belt fix or putting up with subpar performance because you think no belt can do better? Our experts can take a look at your challenge, provide a free estimate, and ship you a sample today. We work closely with your team to increase output, reduce excess scrap, and minimize downtime while installing a conveyor belt with the flexibility, ingredient and heat compatibility, carrying capacity and release style you need to keep your customers happy.

Even our competitors call MIPR Corp for custom conveyor bakery belt advice. If you need faster production, fresher products, and better financial margins, call us first. Bring us your toughest challenges and we will create a strategic conveyor belt solution with a same-day sample shipment guarantee.