MIPR Corp Case Study: Celebrating Earth Day by Recycling Conveyor Belts

MIPR Corp conveyor belt experts care deeply about sustainability. We are a family business and we want to leave a strong business and a healthy environment for future generations. We reduce our waste by refurbishing and repurposing conveyor belting at the end of its production life in many creative and cost-effective ways. Our case studies show how 40 years of experience, a comprehensive range of products, and same-day sample shipping keep companies all across the country moving forward—and support thriving communities.

At MIPR, we never let a good conveyor belt go to waste.

When customers reach out to MIPR to replace an existing belt we always ask what they plan to do with the worn-out or obsolete belt they will be discarding. More often than not, we pay to have that belt shipped back to us. The conveyor belts we design, manufacture, and install are durable and long-lasting, and many can go on to have long and useful lives in other applications. The secondary market for conveyor belting is a big part of our commitment to sustainability.

Recently, this commitment to conservation paid off for our customers. Our friends at J.Berry Nursery in Grand Saline, Texas reached out to us for a new conveyor belt for their potted plant production line. As our engineers reviewed the project specifications, the J. Berry team shared another, unrelated problem: the challenge of rolling gardening carts over the crushed stone on the facility paths. Employees were struggling to push the carts smoothly as they sorted the many different plants they needed to deal with on any given day.

Recycling Conveyor Belts for Flower Nursery

We pulled a decommissioned belt from our used belting line and sent it to J. Berry. With a layer of solid rubber conveyor belting as a shock absorber beneath the crushed stone, employees are having a much easier time pushing rolling carts and moving products without frustration, additional production time, or breakage.

Used Conveyor Belt at Flower Nursery Used Conveyor Belt at Flower Nursery

This Earth Day, we have renewed our commitment to extending the useful life of the conveyor belting we sell and we are thrilled to see it improve the lives of our customers!

If you want a used custom conveyor belt solution—and physical samples shipped out the same day you request them—pick up the phone and talk to the eco-minded experts at MIPR Corp.