Mining with a Heavy Industrial Conveyor Belt

Mining with a Heavy Industrial Conveyor Belt

Whether your company surface mines or digs down deep, we know you need conveyor belting that works as hard as your crew. Our customers in the mining industry know they can count on MIPR Corp conveyor belts to keep the line moving in even the toughest conditions.

It takes a tough constitution to work miles beneath the earth’s surface or stretched for miles across quarries and mines. In these kinds of conditions, any downtime puts more than profits on the line. Breakdowns risk lives, not just livelihoods. We know you and your team need safe, strong conveyor belting you can trust, and that is why MIPR is one of the nation’s premier resources for mining conveyor belts.

For over 40 years, the mining industry has turned to MIPR for stronger, longer-lasting conveyor belting customized to key mining applications—and we deliver. Our engineering experts have many years of direct experience sourcing and designing conveyor belting for key mining applications and our national distribution network lets us deliver the belt you need right when you need it.

Surface mining or deep mining. Large stone. Heavy ore. Quarries, magnetic separators, bucket elevators, coal transport, asphalt milling, street sweeping … you name it, we’ve found the right belt for it. And, best of all, we always same-day ship physical samples of the belts we suggest so you can see it for yourself before you place your order.

MIPR conveyor belting can:

  • outlast the competition
  • reduce rolling resistance and energy consumption
  • minimize splices (and their time and cost)
  • accommodate any conveyor system design
  • increase capacity
  • operate in extreme conditions (like flame retardant belting)
  • reduce dust and other emissions to keep your employees safe
  • reduce spillage and minimize waste

We regularly field calls from all across the country to repair and customize, and ship custom conveyor belts for industrial mining applications. Pick your favorite, and we will send you a physical sample today!

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heavy industrial conveyor belt at quarry

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heavy industrial conveyor belt at construction site

Rough Top Belting to minimize impact and vibrations and provide friction for inclines and declines

MIPR Corp engineers can also customize each conveyor belt to match a particular mining material, production requirements, or conveyor system design. This can range from custom cleating to stitching multiple belts together to create wider surfaces to adding diverters, photo eyes, and more. (Check out our case studies and Google posts to see how our engineers create smart conveyor belt solutions for real customers in real-time.) Whether you are mining coal, precious metals, base metals, or aggregates, we’ve got the conveyor belt you need.

MIPR Corp conveyor belt experts are always on hand to help you solve production problems. Have you been putting off a conveyor belt fix or putting up with subpar performance because you think no belt can do better? Our experts can take a look at your challenge, provide a free estimate, and ship you a sample today. We work closely with your team to design installation plans that minimize downtime and maximize revenue. Whether you are struggling with belt cleaning, belt vibration, transfer points, air cannons, or containment, MIPR can handle it.

Even our competitors call MIPR Corp for custom conveyor belt advice. Bring us your toughest mining production challenges and we will create a strategic conveyor belt solution with a same-day sample shipment guarantee.